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Working in the Performing Arts Industry


As a passionate performer, I drenched myself with vocal technique education and practised extensively to discover my perfect voice.  More importantly, I found various ways to strengthen my weaknesses and take on board skills and tools to ensure my voice was a solid, reliable instrument.  An instrument I could use morning, night, seven days a week and securing invaluable tools that carried me through a career as a solo singer and performer.

Studying the Jo Estill Voice figures and mastering the craft of the vocal anatomy has been such a valuable necessity as a singing and voice teacher. The voice is tiny and precious and it needs to be nurtured to stay healthy, robust, versatile and reliable under all conditions.  This is why we started Vocal Elevation here on the Gold Coast - To share the methods that stood the test of time, and offer singing lessons that provide you with vocal techniques used by the professionals.

Choosing the best

Voice Coach for you!


This is the start of an amazing journey as a professional artist. It is important to know your voice, what it needs, and making sure you are receiving the correct information.


Every voice and individual are unique, and singers require their own personal training formula.  

We analyse your voice and give it the personal attention required to build the foundations you need. 


You are on the path to finding your true voice! Release your blocks, smooth your breaks, strengthen your weaknesses and above all, enjoy your amazing gift and use it to its full potential.

Keep dreaming of your ideal life, but more importantly,